1. General

Via the contact form you can send direct and nonbinding requests to Uniwork UG online.

2. Terms of use and notes

The usage of the website’s contact form is optional.

By submitting the data of the contact form Uniwork UG will receive an automatically generated email with the given data by you. The data communication is SSL-encrypted. Please note, that communication via the internet is never fully secure. It cannot be fully excluded that a third party intercepts or modifies data transmitted by you. Please do consider other ways of communication for transmitting data of high confidentiality.

3. Privacy policy

With use of the contact form the website’s privacy policy is applied.

4. Change of terms

Uniwork UG can change its website www.uniwork-it.de at any time and without any further notice. Uniwork UG is therefore also able to change its terms of use at any time (e. g. for regulatory reasons).

5. Warranty / liability

The use of the contact form of Uniwork UG is not guaranteed and dependent on technical availability not controlled by Uniwork UG.

Uniwork UG is not liable by any means for damages that are caused by using the contact form.

6. Declaration of consent

By using the contact form and submitting data the user agrees to accept the terms of use as well as further processing of personal data.